Getting Started

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View a short demo video to learn about the features of StockwareData and how to make the best use of it.

Demo Video

Features Overview

Scan through a few pages to take a quick tour of the main features and user interface of StockwareData.

Key Features

Download Trial

A free trial version of StockwareData is available for download and evaluation.

There are some limitations for the trial version that you are about to download.

1) The trial is limited for 5 days.

2) Only 3 symbols can be downloaded simultaneously.

3) EOD backfill is limited to 1 year and intraday backfill to 5 days.

Download StockwareData for End-of-Day & Realtime Intraday Data.

No activation code is required. The downloaded file is fully functional. Please watch the video tutorial in the contact page to learn how to use it. Please visit our Facebook page to see the recent updates and offers.

Latest version of StockwareData is v5.3.0, released November 5th 2019. Permit Windows to run and install the program when asked. If you have difficulty installing this file, please feel free to contact us.

Installation Guide

Download and install StockwareData in any PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7/8/10 operating system. It is currently not available for Mac or Linux.

The installation file is 1.6MB. Enough disk space should be made available for storing data files..

StockwareData requires Microsoft .Net2.0 framework, which should be preinstalled in Windows Vista and beyond. If your OS is Windows XP, Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework may not be installed. To verify, please open C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework in your PC and check for v2.0 folder.

If it is present, please proceed with this installation. If it is not installed, please visit this link to download and install Microsoft .Net 3.0 which includes .Net 2.0 framework. Then come back and install StockwareData.

StockwareData needs internet connection, preferably broadband for proper functioning. Configure your firewall to enable StockwareData to install and access the internet. You will need administrator privileges to make changes to the program.