Reliable Data Source

Features Overview

Intelligent downloader

This software allows you to select the top gainers / losers / most active futures, call and puts for that current trading day. Just select the stocks for which you need data and press download!

Unlimited data

Unlike many other data vendors, there is no limit to the number of supported symbols that can be simultaneously downloaded. Also data is available in 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min and 1 hour format.

All-in-one software

Data from all major stock exchanges in India are available in StockwareData. All types of securities are supported. Price charts, data tables and alerts are included. It is a downloader, plus charting plus monitoring tool.

Split adjusted data

Data is automatically split adjusted during download. There is also another tool available where you can select any stock and manually adjust the split. It will automatically detect the split.

Data stored locally

Data is automatically refreshed with the latest quotes and can be stored in any folder location in your computer. You can even store it in the cloud. All charts refresh with data automatically.

Best value for money

You can subscribe to any data channel of your choice. Total 16 data channels are available. You can purchase EOD and intraday data separately or together for one month or for several months for better rates.